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Sponge stitch

For many years our company has worked with success in the field of bullion wire hand embroidery. We work alongside factories and laboratories in india and pakistan, who are tradionally the only professionals of this type of procedure.

The extraordinary dexterity of our selected professionals allows us to make small or big quantities with an excellent quality standard, maintaining the craftsmanship and uniqueness of every single piece. The badge appliable to the item remains, as always, the most widespread used in bullion wire. The embroidery directly on the garment, istead, is the ultimate expression of sophistacation and uniqueness of this tecnquique.


    Seab was born in 1982. over the years Seab has evolved to become a leader in exclusive accessories for the fashion industry.
    The great experience of our staff, the commercial network and logistics are born from a solid relationship between the company and its collaborators.


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