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Rubber is a mixture of non toxic plastic materials in line with international regulations, injectable in moulds which generate high impact reliefs.

The SILICONE pure material par excellence requires a more complex processing with a process at high temperatures that allow the creation of patches also in thermoadhesive version applicable with the press.

High frequency, with such a defenition, we indicate a technique, which uses heat, generated by high frequencies, to deform coated materials and synthetics making them mouldable

Tpu a highly manipulable material, with rounded shapes and pyramid profiles, lends itself to countless uses: from the branding of important designs; to bright colours and metallic textures. Furthermore it can be easly applied by press, thanks to its adhesive backing, to cotton, polyester and any material that resists high temperatures.

Tirazip, thanks to our experience in the field, a wide range of zipper pulls can be created in rubber, fabric and metal , all ideal for active and technical wear.

Rubber, Silicone e TPU

High Frequency



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